Tubs of FUN

Tubs of FUN moves you around, but the spinning is up to you. Holds up to 24 riders per ride, that's 480 riders per hour!  

See the Tubs in Action

Super Truck

Hop a ride on the Super Truck.  Drive these bright colored trucks around the track, up to 16 riders at a time. 16 riders per ride, 240 riders per hour,  50 x 30, 1-220V 30 amp to run ride,  Must be 36 inches tall to ride.

Pirate’s Revenge

Swing back and forth on a pirate ship.  15 can enjoy the thrills at a time, that means 300 riders per hour!  

Check out the Pirates Revenge

El Paso Train

Who doesn’t love trains? Children will be excited to board the El Paso Train and ride along the tracks. 34 riders per ride, 50 foot x 20 foot area.

Dixie Twister

Buckle into the seats and take a ride on our Dixie Twister.  You will spin around in this classic family ride. Holds 20 - 30 riders!

Dixie Twister Video

Circus Fun Funhouse

Bring enjoyment to your event with the Circus FUN Funhouse.  Riders wind through the fun surprises bringing delight to all. 3 riders per ride, 40 x 25 foot area. 


Families have enjoyed carousels for generations. 20 riders per ride, 300 riders per hour.  50 foot x 50 foot area. Height and Electric restrictions.


Swirl and twirl on the Tempest. 54 riders can enjoy the twists on each ride. Perfect for events with large crowds.   Height and Electric restrictions.

Tempest Vides

Ferris Wheel

This is a classic ride that gives riders a great view of your event.  20-30 people can enjoy the ride at one time.  20-30 riders per ride, 198 riders per hour. 50 x 30 foot area. Height and Electric restrictions.

Fun Slide

This is no ordinary playground slide!  Our 90 ft long slide features three humps across three lanes that accommodates three riders at a time and is a real family friendly attraction!

Check out the fun Slide

Flying Swings

Flying Swings for each ride.  Fly through the air and wave to the crowd on this fun ride. 20 riders per ride, 600 riders per hour!  60 foot x 60 foot area.    Height and Electric restrictions.


The Loop O Plane has two 16-foot long arms, each holds four riders seated in pairs facing opposite directions.  Propelled by an electric motor, the arms swing in directions opposite to each other until they 'loop' taking the riders upside down.


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